The importance of quality time

Family foundations: Quality time helps to strengthen the foundations of the family and a young person's life.

Shared interests: It builds on shared interests as well as creating opportunities to have fun and laugh together.

Friendship: Spending quality time together is a great way to build and maintain friendships with others.

Rituals: Family rituals are important, and are very wide-ranging in their nature.

Come together in the kitchen: Getting together to cook favorite meals, or to experiment with new recipe ideas.

Eating together: In fact, the family activity with the greatest positive impact on children is sitting down together to dinner each evening.

Family interaction: It's not about the amount of time you spend together, but instead the quality of your interactions that count.

Communicating together: Make family sit-downs more personal by turning off the television and computer and playing a board game together.

Quality time with your children: Kids are always a good excuse to seek quality time, and making a meaningful connection with your children is important.

Reading: Picking and reading a short book before bed time is a great way to stay connected.

Bridge the generation gap: Taking care of children is always rewarding, but can often be exhaustive.

Walk down memory lane: If you're a couple, you can find your own ways to enjoy quality time together.

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