The incredible ways animals impact the Earth

Dogs: Canines are expert sniffers. And some are specially trained to sniff out certain at-risk plant and animal species. 

Beavers: In the 1800s, beavers were almost hunted to extinction. 

Bees: Bees help pollinate plenty of plants, keeping our environment rich and thriving.

Llamas: How can you not love llamas? Not only are they adorable, but they're also great farm animals with a low environmental impact.

Butterflies: Not only are these winged critters nice to look at, they also help pollinate a number of plants.

Sharks: Sharks might have a bad reputation, but these predators are always helping us out.

Squirrels: You can thank forgetful squirrels for the existence of a few trees. 

Rats: In many countries, rats have been trained to sniff out land mines and bombs left forgotten.

Bats: Feared by many, this creature is actually helping save the Earth. 

Seals and sea lions: Seals and sea lions are being outfitted with monitors so they can obtain data from areas of the ocean.

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