The Kingdom of Bhutan

Kingdom of Bhutan: The remote Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan continues to retain much of its traditional cultural heritage.

Gross National Happiness: The country is well-known for ranking its prosperity by GNH.

Gross National Happiness Index: The Gross National Happiness Index uses measures such as the quality of governance.

Value of nature: The country's constitution mandates that at least 60% of the region remain covered in forest.

Buddhism: Regardless of personal belief and faith, it's hard not to appreciate the beauty.

Buddhism: Temples, spiritual centers, and statues dot the cities and countryside.

Traveling: Bhutan may not be a budget destination, but it's for good reason.

Traveling: The tourist fee ensures that the country is never flooded with visitors and that its cultural integrity is preserved.

Traveling: Tourists are required to have a guide, which cuts down on illegal or irresponsible activities that harm the environment or locals.

Traveling: Your money will also be going towards governmental programs, including healthcare, education, and nature conservation.

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