The loveliest picturesque towns in France

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Trôo (Central Loire Valley, Vendôme): The troglodyte village of Trôo seems to arise from the imagination of an original novelist.

Giverny (Normandy): The choice of Giverny as one of France's most enchanting towns is obvious. This village is the Norman cradle of the famous French painter Claude Monet.

Montfort-l'Amaury (Ile-de-France): The village of Montfort-l'Amaury is located at the edge of the forest of Rambouillet in the Yvelines.

Pont-Aven (Brittany): Pont-Aven is nestled at the bottom of the estuary of the Aven river on the south coast of Finistère. The village is famous for its painting school and its Breton cookies.

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Chablis (Burgundy): Renowned for its fruitful vines, the village of Chablis is much more than a place to peacefully get drunk in the shades of the orchard. It is also a place of history.

Pierrefonds (Hauts-de-France): Pierrefonds is a castle town but not just that! The village attracts several thousand curious visitors each year, and many of them come on two wheels.

Hunspach (Grand Est): The architectural harmony of Hunspach is a fantastic aspect to discover in this historic village. Its houses consist of half-timbered frames.

Cargèse (Corsica): The village of Cargèse is an astonishing mix of Greek and Latin rites. It is the only Corsican municipality to host two churches of different denominations and only a few meters.

Les Anses d'Arlet (Martinique): A tropical climate, colourful huts typical of the Antilles, palm trees, a deserted beach.The village is the dream of any explorer in search of comfortable tranquillity.

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