The meaning of colors in the Bible

Yellow: Yellow, which is the color of gold, represents God’s holiness and power. 

Blue: The color is often associated with the purity and divinity of the Virgin Mary.

Blue: Blue was also worn by the priests (Exodus 28:5-6, 8, 15), and was present in both the tabernacle

Blue: Blue has a celestial connotation. The color is all about the power of God and heaven.

Red: Red is also one of the liturgical colors of the Catholic Church.

Red: The color is also heavily associated with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Red: Red is also associated with the Passover lamb, whose blood was put on the door frames of the Jews' homes, according to Exodus 12:1-13.

Red: But red is most usually associated with blood.

Red: According to Genesis 25:25, Esau, the eldest son of Isaac, was born red, confirming red as a metaphor for humanity.

Red: Oudem is translated in the Old Testament as “red clay.” The color is linked with the roots of humankind.

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