The most common fears among young people

Gender equality Statistics even show the issue is so important, the younger generation is more likely to vote for politicians who support the cause.

Unemployment That means a lot of youth aren’t able to find viable and secure employment―something that will allow them to grow their personal equity and savings.

Racial equality:
They organized marches, vigils, sit-ins, and, yes, occupations of government property—and they did so at great personal risk,” the outlet wrote.

Economic insecurity has given way to fertility issues for many couples trying to conceive. 

Climate change:
The American Academy of Pediatrics even issued a policy statement that said “failure to take prompt, substantive action would be an act of injustice to all children.”

Violence against women: In the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard, who was killed by an off-duty police officer while walking home in London.

Not being successful: With all of the economic uncertainty and data showing that today’s youngest generation is struggling.

Cost of education: As the cost of post-secondary education continues to spiral out of control, many youth are being saddled with “mortgage-sized” debt just to go to school.

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