The most common food allergies

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Chili peppers: An allergic reaction to chili peppers can result in a skin rash, hives, tightness of the throat, swelling of the tongue, and vomiting.

Fish: An allergic reaction to fish can result in respiratory reactions.

Balsam of Peru: Symptoms of an allergen to balsam include redness, swelling.

Milk: An allergic reaction to milk can result in skin rash, hives, vomiting.

Eggs: If you are allergic to eggs, you could find yourself with anaphylaxis or swelling.

Oats: An allergic reaction to oats can manifest itself in dermatitis, respiratory problems, or with anaphylaxis.

Fruit: Adverse reactions to fruit can range from mild itching and a rash to generalized urticaria.

Poultry: Symptoms of an allergic reaction to poultry can include angioedema, hives.

Garlic: Allergic reactions to garlic may include dermatitis, asymmetrical pattern of fissure, thickening.

Corn: An allergy to corn can produce a very large number of symptoms, such as hives, pallor, confusion.

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