The most dangerous creatures for humans

Kissing bugs:
In so doing, they can leave behind droppings infected with the parasite that causes Chagas disease, as well as several bacteria and virus species.

Historians estimate half of all people that ever lived were killed by mosquitoes, largely due to their ability to pass on disease.

About 200 of the world’s 600 venomous snake species are considered truly dangerous to humans.

Sand flies:
Some pack an outsized punch by infecting humans with Leishmania parasites, a group of deadly. 

Rodents have thrived through the ages, largely because they have tied their fortunes to humans.

Scorpions are masters of the surprise sting thanks to their propensity for seeking out hidden corners in human homes.

We are our own worst enemies. With nearly eight billion humans on the planet, most packed into tight quarters, we excel at harming one another. 

A group of stinging insects that includes bees, wasps, hornets and stinging ants (Hymenoptera) are considered as the most beneficial and dangerous insects to mankind.

Helminths are a group of parasitic worms that includes hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, flukes and tapeworms.

Cat bite injuries are so dangerous that one in three can result in serious infection and hospitalization, with sometimes devastating complications.

In the United States, dogs bite over four million people each year, and kids under the age of four are the most likely to be killed in an attack. 

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