The most dangerous sports in the world

Scuba diving: Scuba diving can be pretty intense, and most people go through extensive training before they can do it.

Street luging: Street luging involves participants lying on a wheeled board and riding down a steep road or course.

Cliff diving: This extreme sport involves diving into water from a high, rocky cliff.

Buzkashi: Buzkashi is a Central Asian game that started originally in the Afghan region.

Snowboarding: A combination of surfing and skiing, snowboarding injuries can have dangerous consequences.

Cheerleading: While many people might question its athleticism, cheerleading is indeed a sport. 

Big wave surfing: Overall, big wave surfing isn't that deadly.

American football: American football is today recognized as one of the most dangerous sports out there.

Skiing: Skiing requires both athleticism and finesse to master the right techniques.

Field hockey: Field hockey players are often injured by contact with another player, the stick, or the ball itself.

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