The most dangerous sports in the world

Skiing requires both athleticism and finesse to master the right techniques. But regardless of skill, the risk of injury is very real. 

Scuba diving can be pretty intense, and most people go through extensive training before they can do it. 

Cliff diving This extreme sport involves diving into water from a high, rocky cliff. The typical distance is about 85 feet (25 m), so injuries are definitely possible.

Field hockey players are often injured by contact with another player, the stick, or the ball itself. Some injuries include broken teeth and concussions.

A combination of surfing and skiing, snowboarding injuries can have dangerous consequences.

Overall, big wave surfing isn't that deadly. But if you're knocked off the board after riding a big wave, you could be knocked unconscious.

While many people might question its athleticism, cheerleading is indeed a sport.

Buzkashi is a Central Asian game that started originally in the Afghan region.

Italian for "historic soccer," calcio storico is an early form of soccer from the 15th century.

American football is today recognized as one of the most dangerous sports out there.

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