The most difficult actors to work with

Leonardo DiCaprio -
Cameron said he was ready to turn DiCaprio away, but the actor came back and said, “Wait, wait, wait. If I don’t read, I don’t get the part? Just like that?”

Katherine Heigl -
All 'Grey's Anatomy' fans remember the comments Katherine Heigl made about the show's alleged working conditions back in 2009 on David Letterman's late-night show.

Patrick Dempsey -
Author, journalist, and 'Grey's Anatomy' expert Lynette Rice shared her insider perspective on Dempsey's exit from 'Grey's Anatomy.'

Tom Cruise -
Under immense pressure due to filming 'Mission: Impossible 7' in a pandemic, the actor tore into his staff members for not respecting Covid-19 regulations. 

Alec Baldwin -
The eldest Baldwin brother, Alec, has a reputation for being a loose cannon. In 2013 he was fired by MSNBC after reports that he shouted homophobic slurs at a videographer.

Julia Roberts -
Rumors are that 'Pretty Woman' actress Julia Roberts is not so sweet on set as she seems in her films. She was allegedly nicknamed "Tinkerhell" on the set of 'Hook.'

Bruce Willis -
'Die Hard' star Bruce Willis has been described as unapproachable and grumpy on set. The director of 'Cop Out' even described their working relationship as "soul crushing."

Charlie Sheen -
The star of 'Two and a Half Men', Charlie Sheen, is known for being disrespectful to coworkers while on set.

Beyoncé Knowles -
Although she's more of a singer than an actress, Beyoncé's reputation is so poor she can't be ignored.

Shia LaBeouf -
Sources suggest that Shia LaBeouf's commitment to method acting makes him very difficult to deal with. He allegedly upset Brad Pitt on the set of 'Fury.' 

Megan Fox -
Megan Fox was fired from the 'Transformers' movies after butting heads with the director, Michael Bay. She reportedly likened him to Hitler, causing Spielberg to fire her.

Val Kilmer -
The once prolific actor Val Kilmer has a reputation for being uncooperative and generally difficult.

Evan Rachel Wood -
Sources suggest that Evan Rachel Wood exhibited bully-like behavior on the set of HBO miniseries 'Mildred Pierce,' in which she starred alongside Kate Winslet.

Mike Myers -
International man of mystery, Mike Myers is another perfectionist with a reputation for making life especially difficult for all those around him.

January Jones -
In 2011, January Jones's child co-star Jared Gilmore let slip to the Daily Mail that he thought she was "unapproachable," at least more so than the others on set.

Lea Michele -
Another on-set diva is the 'Glee' actress, Lea Michele. Apparently she is so bad that her co-star Kute Hudson one called her a "nightmare." Not such high praise!

Mischa Barton -
Mischa Barton is one of the numerous 'The O.C.' stars criticized by co-star Tate Donovan for having a bad attitude.

Sharon Stone -
Rumor has it Sharon Stone is so difficult to work with that no one wants to try.

William Shatner -
In 2013, George Takei took a dig at his 'Star Trek' co-star William Shatner on live television. Takei described Shatner as, "very self-possessed" and "self-involved."

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