The most dog-friendly cities in the world

Rome, Italy
Romans do love their dogs, and they're certainly welcomed in most places in the Italian capital.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin might be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, and dogs are certainly included in the life of Berliners.

New York City, USA
New York City has a number of pet-friendly hotels, so you won't have problems finding accommodation when traveling with your pooch. 

Prague, Czech Republic
 And then, of course, you have plenty of nice areas to take your dog for a walk, such as the city's historical center and Letna Park.

Sydney, Australia
While most main beaches don't allow dogs, the Aussie city caters to them by having dedicated beaches for the pooches.

Tel Aviv, Israel
The Israeli city is truly dog-friendly in every aspect.

Geneva, Switzerland
The city is as dog-friendly as it gets. Head to Parc Bertrand and let your pooch roam free in its fenced area. 

Vancouver, Canada
There are thousands of dogs registered here. Vancouver canine residents have a city prepared to cater to their needs, and they love it.

Seattle, USA
Boasting 14 off-leash parks, Seattle is hands down one of the best cities for dogs in the US.

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