The most hated teams in US sports

Boston Red Sox - The first, but certainly not the last, Boston team on the list, the Red Sox are not very well-liked by the general fan base. 

San Francisco 49ers - The Bay Area team seems to only sport local fans, some of which are incredibly scary. In 2013, a 49ers fan stabbed a Falcons fan in the neck over a loss.

LA Lakers - At 16 championships, just one behind the Boston Celtics, this franchise is one that everybody loves to hate.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Steelers fans are partially to blame for this team hatred. Through traditions like the “Terrible Towel,” they have been known to be particularly boastful.

Alabama Crimson Tide - Ultimately however, people just hate them because despite their flawed system, it works.

New York Yankees - Not a surprise on this list, the New York Yankees are arguably the most hated team in baseball.

USC Trojans - No one hates the Trojans as much as UCLA, but they aren’t very popular in other areas either. Fansided calls them “the most hated team in California.”

Miami Heat - Business Insider calls them “the most polarizing team in the league.”

Detroit Red Wings - Many were also upset that Detroit trademarked the phrase “Hockeytown,” as they felt that the city didn’t deserve the title, according to The Sportster.

Boston Celtics - The Celtics have won more championships than any other team in the NBA (17). It’s not shocking that people would despise them for it.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Many remember Notre Dame's offensive foray into merchandising, where they placed “Catholics vs Convicts” on their shirts for the Miami game.

Philadelphia Eagles - Unfortunately a lot of the flak that the Eagles receive comes from their fan base, and not from the team itself.

Boston Bruins - We also can’t forget Milan Lucic. Bleacher Report put him in the top 20 for the Most Hated NHL Players Since 2000.

Oakland Raiders - Their move to Las Vegas in 2020 has caused quite a stir in the NFL community, and not necessarily for the better.

Seattle Seahawks - The Seahawks have had several issues that would cause hatred in the NFL sphere.

Chicago Blackhawks - In 2004, the Chicago Blackhawks were named the Worst Sports Franchise by ESPN.

New England Patriots - The Patriots are arguably the most hated NFL team in America. 

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