The most horrific science experiments

Unit 731 - During World War II, the Japanese Army performed chemical and biological warfare experiments on Chinese, Korean and Mongolian natives.

Unit 731 - The experiments included live weapons testing, germ warfare attacks, forced pregnancy, and vivisections performed without anesthesia.

Limb regeneration - Human limb regenerative powder was developed by the University of Pittsburgh's McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine in the United States.

Monkey despair - One experiment involved separating baby monkeys from their mothers to study clinical depression.

Spider goat - At Utah State University, in the US, scientists genetically engineered goats that could produce milk containing the proteins found in spider silk.

Human-brained mouse - At the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, United States, researchers grew human brain cells out of stem cells injected into mice.

Sex reassignment experiment - Psychologist and sex behavior expert Dr. John William Money had a theory that gender is learned rather than innate. 

Removing body parts to cure insanity - Dr. Henry Cotton, a doctor at the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum in the US, believed that diseased internal organs caused insanity.

Electroshock therapy - Dr. Lauretta Bender of New York’s Creedmoor Hospital studied the effects of electroshock therapy on children in the 1960s.

Operation Midnight Climax - In the 1950s, the CIA sponsored a research project to study the effects of LSD and mind-altering chemicals.

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