The most Instagramable places of 2022

Istanbul, Turkey: The place where Europe and Asia meet is filled with photo-ops.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: The Paris of South America mixes old and new like no other place on the continent.

Dublin, Ireland: The Irish capital is full of cozy and lively pubs

Seattle, Washington: Green forests, coffee, and, sure, a bit of rain. 

Milan, Italy: You don't have to be a fashionista to enjoy Milan, though you will absolutely love.

Iceland: The land of fire and ice never disappoints. There are glacial lakes, mountains, volcanos, waterfalls, and everything in between.

Prague, Czech Republic: Gothic, Renaissance, or Baroque? Whichever is your favorite style, you'll find it scattered all over this beautiful capital's Old Town.

Cape Town, South Africa: With Table Mountain as the backdrop, Cape Town is a buzzing city with breathtaking natural beauty surrounding it.

Tulum, Mexico: If you're into Mayan ruins, white sand beaches, and glorious weather, then this town on Mexico's Caribbean coastline is perfect for you.

Bali, Indonesia: There is a reason why Bali attracts so many tourists every year.

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