The most obscure sports around the world

Underwater hockey: Players use snorkels and short hockey sticks to play this exhilarating underwater sport.

Zorbing: In this sport, players stuff themselves into giant, inflated balls and race down a hill.

Man vs. horse marathon: In Wales, both horse and human competitors take part in a 35-km race.

Three-sided soccer: This version of soccer involves three teams all playing against each other on a hexagonal-shaped field. 

Underwater wrestling: Underwater wrestling, or Aquathlon, involves two opponents who wear masks.

Yukigassen: This sport is basically a glorified and organized snowball fight.

Chess boxing: The World Chess Boxing Organization was founded in 2003.

Elephant polo: This sport is played exactly like regular polo, just on top of elephants. 

Bed racing: Dating back to the 1960s in the UK, this sport is exactly what it sounds like. 

Quidditch: This sport is no longer limited to the pages of J.K. Rowling's popular book saga. 

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