The most sinister places in the UK

Pendle Hill, Lancashire -
This unassuming hill in Lancashire is apparently home to the 12 Pendle Witches. They were hanged at Lancaster Castle in 1612.

Hampton Court Palace, London -
The 502-year-old Hampton Court Palace has a haunted history that goes back to medieval times.

Skirrid Mountain Inn, Wales -
This small inn is found in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. It has a blood-curdling history, with many criminals hanged at the sight.

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon -
This castle is considered by some to be the most haunted in Britain. 

Pluckley, Kent -
Pluckley is a village plagued with ghost stories and history. Apparently, a highwayman was killed and pinned to a tree many years ago.

The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire - This pub has a blood-curdling history unlike any other. They say that here, witches were burned and children were ritually murdered. 

Highgate Cemetery, London -
Karl Marx is one of the many famous figures buried at Highgate Cemetery in London. It’s claimed that occult meetings take place here.

Borley Rectory, Essex -
Ghost stories at Borley Rectory stretch back over 100 years. The sight was destroyed in a fire, yet reports of hauntings persist to this day.

Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow -
This supersized cemetery has around 50,000 bodies buried there. And there are rumours that the Gorbals Vampire haunts the sight to this day.

Treasurer’s House, York -
Some claim that ghosts of a Roman army haunt the cellars of Treasurer’s House, York.

Ham House, Surrey -
Ham House is found on the banks of the River Thames. The infamous Duchess of Lauderdale used to live here. 

Chartwell, Kent -
Sir Winston Churchill called Chartwell his home from 1924 until 1965, when he died. Visitors claim that they can still catch the scent of his cigars here. 

Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk -
A fire broke out at Felbrigg Hall nearly 200 years ago. The owner tried desperately to save his book collection, but died from his injuries.

Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire -
Some claim that ghostly footsteps can be heard at Baddesley Clinton. One visitor wrote “I once heard that solemn tread. 

Speke Hall, Liverpool -
Speke Hall has long been subject to ghostly rumours. Reports of a lady in white roaming the area go back further than 100 years.

Springhill House, County Londonderry - This 17th-century plantation house is claimed to be haunted. The area is tainted by the ghost story of Olivia Lenox-Conyngham.

Inveraray Castle, Argyll -
Inveraray is rumoured to be haunted by the “ghost of a harpist who was hanged in 1644 for peeping at the lady of the house”, NBC News reports.

Bruce Castle, London -
Bruce Castle is apparently haunted by a guest who committed suicide on the castle grounds.

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