The most surgically-requested celebrity noses

Meghan Markle - Ever since Meghan Markle entered the royal stage, plastic surgeons have reported a huge surge of patients referencing Markle's nose in their consultations.

Nicole Kidman - According to CBS, Kidman's nose was the third-most requested nose in LA.

George Clooney - Men can look to George Clooney as an inspiration for class, skill, and top-of-the-line pranks, but many more apparently look even closer at his nose.

Halle Berry - New York plastic surgeon Dr. Jon B. Turk says the combination of her natural, soft shape and yet strong profile is what keeps Halle Berry's nose in demand.

Emma Stone - The actress's nose is reportedly one of the most requested noses of all, which some doctors say is because of the perfect upturn of the tip.

Blake Lively - New York City plastic surgeon Jennifer Levine says requests for Lively’s nose are very common, with its narrow bridge and defined tip.

Kate Middleton - The Duchess of Cambridge's nose was one of the first notable royal honkers to spark a trend. 

Kate Beckinsale - The actress' perfectly angled and bump-less nose is apparently too attractive for people to merely admire from afar.

Scarlett Johansson - It's no surprise that Johansson's perfectly sculpted nose is a highly requested nose around the world. 

Emma Watson - Even when she was a young Hermione Granger, it's likely people were already envious of her slim, straight nose. 

Adriana Lima - According to Dr. Turk, most patients only want the tip of the model's nose for its symmetry, its slight separation, and the resulting highlights and shadows.

Justin Bieber - The young singer's nose is hotly requested during rhinoplasties, plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft says.

Natalie Portman - The actress's symmetric, well-defined nose is reported to be the most popularly requested by patients.

Jessica Biel - Biel's nose needs no explanation, but the long and straight shape with an upturned tip really defines her look.

Rihanna -
New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft says that people love how symmetric Rihanna's nose is, with the addition of the little upturn and the straightness. 

Rachel McAdams - Small, defined, and delicate, the actress's nose is among the most requested for rhinoplasty.

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