The ocean's most beautiful creatures

Coconut octopus:
The coconut octopus appears as if its tentacles are studded with sparkling rhinestone.

Flying gurnard:
When the flying gurnard gets excited, perhaps at the prospect of a snack or a shindig with its buddies, the fish spreads its "wings.

Brittle star:
Closely related to starfish but infinitely more ornamental in appearance, are possessed of five long, slender whip-like arms loosely coordinated by a nerve ring in the animal's core.

Mantis shrimp:
The psychedelic mantis shrimp may look cute, but believe it or not this crustacean packs the strongest punch of any creature in the animal kingdom.

This banded superstar is also known as the clown anemonefish for its clever arrangement with sea anemones, which protect it from predators.

Flower hat jelly:
Flower hat jellies only live a few months, so catching a glimpse of one these guys is a treat indeed. 

Blue tang:
Tang fish have a deadly weapon—a pair of razor-sharp, venomous spines on either side of their tails that they raise when in danger of being gobbled up by predators.

Leafy seadragon:
These fragile and delicate creatures resemble the dragons of medieval fairy tales. 

Nudibranch, marine mollusks commonly known as sea slugs, rank among some of the most colorful critters in the ocean. 

Christmas tree worms:
Christmas tree worm is the common and rather apt name for a marine worm that lives on coral reefs all over the world. 

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