The oldest words in the English language

"I" - We have always needed a way to refer to ourselves. Dictionary explains "self-identity was and always will be important".

"We" - The plural of "I" was created at the same time as its singular form.

"Black" - "Black" is also one of the very earliest words to exist in the English language.

"Pull" - "Pull" originates from building and construction. Pulling wood, stones, animals, each other... you get the idea.

"Hand" - "When you inevitably burn your hand by holding your dinner over that fire, you need a term to explain what part of your body hurts, too,"

"Fire" - Fire gives warmth and light. It needed a name!

"Mother" - They do bring life to this world, so it makes sense!

"Spit" - Who knew "spit" was a vital word for our ancestors before the year 950!

"Flow" - Both "water" and "flow" came to exist before the year 900.

"Give" - "Give" also came around before the year 900.

"Worm" - The little creatures are ancient and have long been used for fishing.

"This" - When pointing at objects was no longer enough, our ancestors created "this".

"Hear" - The word "hear" is theorized to have emerged much earlier than "speak".

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