The pedal power of commuting by bike

The two-wheel commute -
Ready for your first cycling commute? Make sure you have the right bike for the job.

Road bike -
If your commute takes you through city streets, a road bike is probably the best option.

Mountain bike -
One the other hand, a sturdy gravel or mountain bike will suit those fortunate enough to enjoy a rural commute.

Touring bike -
A touring bike looks similar to a standard road bike but is a more robust choice for longer distances.

Folding bike - The one big advantage of a folding bike is that it's easy to transport. 

E-bike -  This is a great option if your commute involves hilly terrain or you're a tad unfit.

Finding the best route -
Before contemplating a cycle commute, try out in advance the route you need to take and familiarize yourself with roads and streets.

Use bicycle lanes -
Hopefully your route will be facilitated by dedicated cycle lanes. Follow these lanes whenever you can.

Beware the hill climb -
And we've already mentioned hills. But if you're not using an e-bike, will those steep gradients get the better of you?

Invest in a cycle app - Consider investing in a cycling app or route-mapping tool, which will enable you to design a quieter, safer route for biking to work.

Easing into a routine -
If in doubt, begin by commuting by bike a couple of times a week, or in increments. This will test your resolve and fitness levels.

Get kitted out -
Cycling has its risks, especially within an urban environment. To minimize potential injury, always wear a helmet.

Cycle bell -
Use a bell when riding in the city and on multi-use bike paths.

Bicycle lights -
Bike lights are absolutely essential if you plan to ride before daybreak or after dark.

Bicycle lock -
It goes without saying that a tough, heavy-duty bike lock is essential. U locks, chain locks, and folding locks are all designed to keep your bike safe.

Does cycling suit you? -
Depending on the distance of your commute, you might be able to cycle in your work clothes, a suit even.

Summer heat -
Cycling in summer can work up a sweat. Hopefully your employer offers changing and shower facilit

Cost effective - Furthermore, a bike commute is cost effective—no bus fares, train fares, or congestion and parking fees to worry about. 

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