The most remarkable celestial events of 2023

Perseids meteor shower: By far the most popular annual celestial event of the year, the Perseids shower provides a spectacular light.

Saturn at opposition: Saturn will be as close as ever to Earth on August 27, sitting at "opposition" to the sun with the Earth directly between them.

Neptune at opposition: Just a few weeks after Saturn's time in the limelight, it's Neptune's turn.

Southward equinox: In 2023, the Southward equinox falls on September 23. For the Northern Hemisphere.

Draconids meteor shower: The Draconids meteor shower will be in full force on October 7.

Ring of fire eclipse: On October 14, people in North and South America will get the chance to view an impressive annular.

Orionid meteor shower: The objects of the Orionid meteor shower seem to burst out of the constellation Orion.

Partial lunar eclipse: Asia, Africa, and Europe will be treated to a spectacular partial lunar eclipse on October 28.

Jupiter at opposition: Jupiter will have its turn at opposition on November 3. Take a pair of binoculars outside.

Leonid meteor shower: The Leonid meteor shower is a dependable meteor shower that will be at its busiest in 2023 on November 23. 

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