The sad reality of obsessive love disorder

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Constant contact and validation: It’s common to need constant validation and reassurance from the person.

A serious condition: Regardless of its official status, OLD is a serious condition.

OLD and other disorders: Obsessive love disorder usually accompanies another type.

What are the symptoms of OLD?: Like many mental health conditions, the symptoms of obsessive love.

Extreme emotions: Someone with OLD feels an intense need to protect the person they love.

What is it?: Obsessive love disorder (OLD) is a condition that causes you to become fixated on someone.

Reduced ability to function: They are so overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions about this person.

An illness or a state of emotion?: Obsessive love disorder is not classified as a distinct mental health.

Overwhelming feelings: Generally, someone with OLD will feel an overwhelming love and attraction for one person.

Help is available: OLD can be a scary condition to live with or to observe.

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