The smelliest cities in the world

Venice, Italy -
The smell grows worse in the heat of summer, so head to Venice in the winter for a more pleasant sensory experience.

Fez, Morocco -
There are a few reasons for the strong smell in the northern Moroccan city of Fez, but the main one is the leather-making.

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal -
Situated just south of Porto in northern Portugal, the city of Vila Nova de Gaia smells strongly of booze.

Rotorua, New Zealand -
This city on the North Island of New Zealand is incredibly smelly due to high levels of geothermal activity.

Seal Island, South Africa -
They play, chatter, and do their business on the rocks around the island, making it a very smelly place.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland -
This geothermal spa can be found in southwestern Iceland. It is a haven of spouting geysers, bubbling volcanoes, and ragged landscapes.

Grasse, France -
This picturesque town in the southwest of France is the perfume-making capital of the world.

La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles - The tar pits are located along LA’s miracle mile and offer visitors the opportunity to take a trip to the prehistoric past.

Antelope Island, Utah -
The journey to the island will be somewhat unpleasant, however, due to the strong smell that comes off the lake.

The Paris sewers -
While not a smelly city in general, a trip to the underground sewage museum in Paris will have you holding your nose.

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