The surprising health benefits of going to the beach

Being near blue water can improve your health - Blue spaces, such as a water source like an ocean, lake, pond, or swimming pool, have been linked to overall improved health.

Vitamin D can boost your mood -
Also, vitamin D helps maintain bone health and a robust immune system. So put on your sunblock and head to the beach!

Fresh air is always a good idea - Research has found that being in nature makes people feel happy. We also associate nature with positive feelings like tranquility, peace, relaxation, and ease.

Breathing in ocean air is good for your lungs - Another study found that ocean air has therapeutic qualities that may help lung disease patients, too. However, more research is needed in this area.

Seawater can reduce symptoms of arthritis - Indeed, spending some time in ocean water may help reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Relaxing on the beach helps you de-stress - The ability to relax and set aside other tasks for a few hours is one of the reasons people enjoy spending time at the beach.

You can practice mindfulness at the beach - The beach is a great place to practice mindfulness. 

It increases creativity -
Being near water increases innovation and insight, leaving us more open to new ideas. This explains why many find the beach so inspiring.

The beach helps you sleep better -
Since the beach is known to be soothing and calming, it's no surprise that it would actually help you sleep better.

It may reduce pain -
Being at the beach usually means walking around barefoot. This gives you the chance to try grounding, which is walking barefoot in nature and connecting with the earth.

It's the perfect place to bond with other people - Whether you're hanging out with family or friends, the beach is the perfect place to bond with others.

Walking on sand is a great workout -
Research shows that walking on the beach is a solid workout, since walking on sand requires greater effort than walking on a hard surface like concrete.

The sand is great for your skin -
Putting your feet in the soft, powdery sand isn't just good for your feet—it's also a natural exfoliant and can be used to shed dead skin.

It reduces screen time -
Being at the beach means you're less likely to be staring at a screen, especially your computer or television.

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