The surprising health benefits of listening to music

Eases pain -
Music can greatly reduce the intensity of pain, especially in geriatric care, intensive care, or palliative medicine.

Stimulates most of the areas of your brain - Music activates almost all of your brain’s regions. It also strengthens connections between different parts of the brain.

Motivates people to bike harder -
One study showed that while riding bicycles, the participants worked harder while listening to fast music.

Increases workout endurance -
Listening to your favorite workout tracks can boost your physical performance and increase endurance.

Speeds up post-workout recovery -
One study found that listening to music, especially slow music, after a workout can help the body recover faster.

Improves sleep quality -
Listening to classical music has been shown to effectively treat insomnia. Talk about a cheap alternative to sleeping meds!

Boosts your creativity -
Studies have found that listening to happy music, such as uplifting classical music, can enhance your creativity.

Helps people eat less -
One study found that playing soft music and dimming the lights can help people slow down while eating. Hence, consuming less food in one sitting.

Reduces stress -
Research has found that listening to music can relieve stress by triggering our biochemical stress reducers.

Enhances blood vessel function -
Scientists discovered that the emotions patients experience while listening to music have a healthy effect on blood vessel function.

Increases your motivation -
Studies have shown that uplifting music has the power to increase motivation when it comes to sports and work tasks.

Elevates mood while driving -
Listening to music while driving can positively impact your mood. So if traffic gets you down, put on your favorite jams!

Keeps your heart healthy -
Studies show that listening to relaxing music can slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

Helps cancer patients manage stress and anxiety - Studies have found that music can help cancer patients communicate their feelings, manage stress, and ease physical pain.

Regulates your nervous system -
Listening to calm, relaxing music decreases stress hormones. It also releases the reward and relaxation hormones.

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