The surprising health benefits of silent discos

How it works-Music is broadcasted through a radio transmitter and picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by attendees, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to absolutely nothing.

Gone are the days of noise complaints - Silent discos are the ultimate loophole to noise curfews, helping keep everyone in the surrounding area in good spirits and not disturbing anyone’s peace.

Choose your channel - Three channels of music can be broadcast to your headphones, so you can dance together with your friends while still having the freedom to listen to music that you want. 

Dementia sufferers - Silent discos are being used as therapy in New South Wales, Australia, and patients are seeing huge mental benefits, ABC reports.

Less agitated, and better behavior - Frustration and agitation are common among people with dementia, but silent disco sessions have shown significant improvements in their mood and behavior.

Companies cater to disabilities- Quiet Events is an example of a company that works to include the hearing impaired, physically handicapped, and mentally ill across age, background, and social status.

Quiet clubbing combats social anxiety - Being able to focus on the music is a huge factor which takes the focus away from what others are thinking of you.

It’s all the perks without the cons - You can be out, expressing yourself physically and enjoying the company of others without having to talk (read: scream) at anyone over the music.

Confidence - Being able to enjoy yourself on a night out will give you more confidence to push yourself in social

Easy icebreakers - The three channels of music have a corresponding color on the headphones, so you can tell when someone is listening to the same thing as you.

You can take a break - By just removing your headphones, you’ll have a moment of peace to yourself, and if someone tries to talk to you, you can just put your headphones back on

It’s a hilarious sight - Observe everyone dancing around in silence, or singing completely off-key and carefree, and you’ll witness one of the most hilarious scenes mankind has yet to conjure.

It doesn’t have to be in a club - What The Float is a silent dance party that travels through outdoor public spaces and down streets while listening to a predetermined playlist.

It can uplift anyone’s mood - Taking care of your mental health is always important, and events around the world have integrated silent discos into their mental health agendas.

The loudest silent phenomenon - Silent discos are making a lot of noise for how quiet they are, so get yourself to the nearest party soon!

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