The surprising side effects of kissing

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You might get fewer wrinkles: -Yes, kissing might actually make you look younger! According to assistant research professor Emily Poon.

You might get more cold sores: -Yes, an increase in painful cold sores is a possible side effect of kissing. 

You might get stronger facial muscles: -Yes, every time you kiss someone you use your facial muscles.

It can harm your gums and teeth: -On the other hand, passionate kissing can also be bad for your gums and teeth.

It improves your sleep: -A goodnight kiss can do wonders for your sleep. This display of intimacy can increase the production of oxytocin.

It’s good for your oral health: -One of saliva’s roles is to clean your mouth, washing away any food particles naturally. 

You get exposed to more germs: -Sharing saliva will increase your exposure to germs.

It helps regulate stress: -Kissing triggers the release of a number of chemicals, including dopamine.

It strengthens the bond with your partner: -Oxytocin is a powerful chemical. Kissing will increase its release.

It's good for your physical health: -In addition to lowering stress levels, kissing can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. levels.

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