The Terrible Prophecies for 2023

1. The Great War: Among the prophecies for 2023 made by Nostradamus would, unfortunately, include 'A Great War.' His prediction also included 2022, and it did come true.

2. The words of Nostradamus: "Seven months after the start of the Great War, people died for doing evil. Rouen, Évreux will not fall into the hands of the King."

3. Russian-Ukrainian War?: Obviously, these words suggest a possible escalation in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia that could lead to a nuclear world war.

4. Global warming: Another prophecy made by the French astrologer concerns global warming, with the prediction of a further rise in temperatures and sea and ocean levels.

5. Civil uprisings: Unfortunately, all these events, wars, and global warming would also lead to major civil uprisings by 2023, again according to the prophecies of Nostradamus.

6. A new Pope: In his prophecies for 2023, Nostradamus also predicted the arrival of a new pope, a successor to the current one, Pope Francis.

7. Celestial fire: According to the followers of Nostradamus, the French astrologer also predicted the end of this world and the beginning of a new world order for 2023.

8. The new world order: "Heavenly fire over the royal building," which should be interpreted as a new world born from the ashes of an ancient civilization.