The Top 10 Most Expensive Kennedy Half Dollar Errors

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1964-D Doubled Die Obverse: A sought-after error, the 1964-D Doubled Die Obverse showcases noticeable doubling on Kennedy's profile. This rare mistake fetches a high price due to its significance.

1972 Doubled Die Obverse: A doubling of the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" and Kennedy's profile sets the 1972 Doubled Die Obverse apart. This error adds uniqueness to the coin and its value.

1968-D/D Over S Over S: A variety of mint marks makes this error intriguing. The 1968-D/D over S over S shows multiple mint marks due to minting re-punching, rendering it highly valuable.

1971-D Doubled Die Obverse: An error known for its strong doubling on Kennedy's hair, the 1971-D Doubled Die Obverse is a favorite among collectors, driving up its price.

1974-D Doubled Die Obverse: The 1974-D Doubled Die Obverse displays doubling on Kennedy's profile and the lettering. This error coin is a treasure for those hunting for unique variations.

1982 No Mint Mark: A rare occurrence, the 1982 No Mint Mark error happened when the mint mark was accidentally omitted. These coins are scarce and command high values.

1967 SMS Struck Through: The 1967 SMS Struck Through error features a struck-through foreign object on the surface. Such anomalies make the coin stand out, increasing its worth.

1998-S Matte Proof: A distinct error, the 1998-S Matte Proof exhibits a matte finish that was unintended for proof coins. Its rarity due to production issues elevates its value.

1970-D No "L" in LIBERTY: The absence of the letter "L" in "LIBERTY" on the 1970-D Kennedy Half Dollar makes this error intriguing to collectors who appreciate linguistic anomalies.

1999-P No F.G. Initials: The 1999-P No F.G. Initials error occurred when the designer's initials were omitted from the coin's reverse. This uncommon mistake attracts collectors worldwide.

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