The ultimate signs to tell fake friends from real friends

They’re often envious of you: A major red flag with friends is if you notice envious and jealous vibes.

They have an air of negativity: If this is the case, then it's a sure sign of a fake friend. Good friends always amp you up.

They talk about others behind their backs: If they always seem to be gossiping about another friend to you, chances are they're doing the same behind your back.

They cancel plans often: This one is a big sign of a fake friend that you probably don't notice. 

They are experts at guilt tripping: Sure, they cancel plans all of the time, but as soon as you do the same, World War III erupts.

They´ll always try to be better than you: A fake friend will always try to drag you down to make themselves look better. 

They make you feel inferior: Fake friends are often very insecure people.

They're often passive-aggressive: A fake friend will give you backhanded compliments that seem nice at first, nut they're actually just mean. 

They love a spot of drama: A fake friend will thrive off drama.

They think they're always right: They'll never admit that they're in the wrong.

They always have new friends around them: In other words, you're disposable to them, and they’ll just find someone else. 

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