The undeniable signs that you're falling out of love

You don’t worry about them as much -
When you’re over someone, you aren’t as emotionally attached, and those things that used to make you worry don’t as much.

You're constantly comparing them to others - A big tell-tale sign? You find yourself comparing them to every potential partner you could have if you weren’t with them.

Physical intimacy is a thing of the past - Being in love with someone means you’re attracted to them, so if you stop wanting to have sex, it could be a sign you're falling out of love.

You don’t plan dates -
Dating is a fun way to make memories with someone you love. Therefore, it's a definitive warning sign if you don't want to have these special moments anymore.

Arguments bring more drama -
Do your arguments create more misunderstanding and drama? Then that's a sign that your relationship is deteriorating.

You don’t like hanging out together anymore - If you no longer want to spend time together, that's a clear sign you're falling out of love.

You no longer prioritize them -
It could be a red flag if you find yourself occupying your time with other people and solo activities, rather than with your partner.

They don’t feel special to you -
If you start to think of your partner as just another fish in the sea, then you're probably falling out of love.

You don’t feel like yourself anymore -
If you’re not yourself around your partner, it could be because you’re growing tired and out of love with them.

You feel lonely all the time - It’s normal to feel lonely at times, but when you feel this way constantly, it could be a warning sign that your feelings have started to change about your partner.

You no longer feel the spark -
When you first fell in love, everything about your partner probably felt new and exciting. But now, things might feel more routine and boring.

You’re keeping secrets from each other - Trust is an integral part of any relationship, so if you find yourself keeping secrets from your partner, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

They're starting to feel like a burden -
Your partner is now less appealing, and the thought of spending time with them feels like a burden. Red flag!

You feel that being with your partner is holding you back - This may be for a variety of reasons, but it can create space for feeling stifled, resentful, or even claustrophobic.

You seek out opportunities to avoid your partner - Besides no longer getting excited to spend time together, you may find yourself flat out avoiding your partner.

You're not really interested in changing things - You know what's missing in your relationship, but the truth is you're reluctant to try to bring back that spark.

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