The most unusual places that people call home

Living under a rock: The perfect excuse to not keep up with the news is by living in this sun-dried.

Tiny home: This incredibly small portable home is part of the Tiny House Movement.

Troglodytes in Tunisia: Located in southern Tunisia is a small city called Matmata.

Troglodytes in Tunisia: Over 2,000 inhabitants live there, in this underground city, full-time.

Troglodytes in Tunisia: The buildings were created by digging a big pit.

Between a rock and a hard place: Casa do Penedo, also known as the Stone House, is a tiny residential home.

An ancient Greek temple: Whoever lives in this house shaped after a Greek temple must feel like Zeus. 

Life in the sky, sort of: Most people probably see airplanes as a way to get from point A to B.

A home fit for a pharaoh: This pyramid house in the quirky town of Miziara is meant to emulate the Egyptian ruins.

The juxtaposition: The pyramid really adds a new flavor to the neighborhood.

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