The value of versatile vinegar

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What is vinegar: Vinegar is a tingling, sour tasting liquid consisting of about 5-20% acetic acid.

How is vinegar produced: Vinegar may be produced from a variety of materials: grapes or apples (wine or cider vinegar); malted barley.

The many types of vinegar: The many types of vinegar available also use beer, sugar, and rice, among other substances, as base ingredients.

Vinegar as a drink: History records the Babylonians making vinegar as a drink from dates, figs, and even beer.

Use of vinegar in antiquity: The Greeks and Roman frequently used vinegar made from wine. And traces of vinegar have been found in ancient.

Vinegar and Jesus Christ: Vinegar is mentioned in the Bible. Matthew records that as Jesus went to the cross.

The Orléans process: By the Middle Ages, the French city of Orléans was dominating European vinegar production.

Balsamic vinegar: Meanwhile in Southern Europe, the Italians were busily creating balsamic vinegar.

Jack and Jill: In fact, malt vinegar's popularity is such that a traditional 18th-century English nursery rhyme known as 'Jack and Jill.

Arrival of malt vinegar: The medieval period also saw England produce the first batches of malt vinegar.

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