The weirdest things taught in schools

As with handwriting, typing is being whited out in schools, with the belief that kids today are born with keyboards in their hands and screens before their eyes.

Home economics
In times past, it was common for boys to take shop classes and for girls to do home economics, where they would learn to cook, fold sheets .

Schools for the most part no longer veni, vidi, vici the classical languages, Latin and Ancient Greek. 

shop class wasn’t learning how to become a more proficient shopper. It taught, boys mostly, basic carpentry and mechanics skills. 

Reading analog clocks
Elementary school students used to be taught that when the small hand was at three and the big hand at six that it was 3:30 and perhaps time to go home.

In the era of keyboards, cursive writing classes are on the way out or gone at many schools. But not all educators are happy about this.

Using slide rules
Before using calculators in math class, we had slide rules to make basic calculations, especially multiplication and division. 

However, some experts believe it would do kids good to get lessons in class to supplement what they are learning, or not learning, at home.

Dodgeball used to be a standard gym class activity, with two teams lining up facing each other and then hurling balls at each other in a contest of elimination.

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