The wonderful wetlands of the United States

The importance of wetlands: Similar to the rainforests of tropical zones, America's wetlands act as the lungs of the country.

Wetlands at risk: Unfortunately, wetlands were poorly understood until relatively recently, and extensive damage.

The Emergency Wetland Resources Act: The Emergency Wetland Resources act went into law in 1986, and made it possible for the federal government to buy up swaths of wetlands.

The Everglades: By far the most famous wetlands in the United States, the Floridian Everglades are also one of the largest.

The Everglades: Despite humankind's wanton destruction of this wondrous ecosystem, the Everglades is still one of the most impressive.

Merced National Wildlife Refuge: Located in central California, about two hours south of Sacramento.

Merced National Wildlife Refuge: The marshlands within Merced are of exceptional ecological importance.

What are wetlands: America’s wetlands are the most diverse biomes in the nation, and some of the most diverse across the world. 

Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge: The Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge, which straddles the coastal border of Florida and Georgia.

Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge: The massive body of fresh water is home to an estimated 12,000 American alligators, and is also home to numerous species of turtles.

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