The world's best sandwiches

A deep-fried pork cutlet -- pounded and breaded with panko and tucked into a fluffy Japanese white milk bread called shokupan

 a sandwich that similarly hails from Nice in the South of France and is made using crusty pain de campagne, a boulangerie favorite.

While this Uruguayan sandwich's name translates to "little goat," that ruminant's meat is decidedly absent from this decadent assemblage of thinly sliced steak 

Lobster roll, New England, United States a summertime coastal treat piled with big chunks of steamed lobster meat that's usually mixed with lemon juice, mayonnaise .

The falafel pita is exactly what its name suggests. Crunchy fried balls of falafel -- made from soaked, ground-up chickpeas

Carnivores say oui to this seriously stacked sandwich from Quebec made with smoked beef brisket layered between slices of light rye bread and drizzled with tangy yellow mustard.

Beloved all over Scandinavia but particularly iconic for being one of Denmark's national dishes, this open-faced sandwich translates to "buttered bread.

It's a seriously filling thing featuring bread tinted red thanks to a soak in slightly spicy guajillo sauce.

 this Florida favorite is cause for constant debate in Miami and Tampa, where purists spar over its fundamental 

 this popular lunchtime bar snack to the next level -- properly stuffing English tea style-triangles of white bread with fillings 

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