The world's deadliest rivers

Cahills Crossing: Cahills Crossing is located on the East Alligator River in Northern Territory, Australia. 

Cahills Crossing: People keep crossing it, despite the waters being infested with crocs.

Congo River: Formerly also known as the Zaire River, the Congo River is the second-longest river in Africa.

Congo River: Not only are there deadly animals such as crocodiles, hippos, and snakes.

Congo River: And even if you manage to survive all of that, you'd still have to worry about cannibals.

Rio Tinto: This Spanish River is as close as it gets to being in Mars. 

Rio Tinto: Rich in iron and heavy metals, Rio Tinto is extremely acidic.

Rio Tinto: But despite the extreme conditions, some microorganisms do live in the inhospitable river.

San Juan River: This Colombian river stretches for 236 miles (380 km). Its biggest danger is actually human.

San Juan River: Various armed groups patrol the area, including the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla group.

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