The world’s most beautiful trees

The wisteria has beautiful draping purple (or blue) flowers that usually flower around springtime.

Delonix regia:
The Delonix regia, or flamboyant tree as it is more commonly known, features fire-red blooms.

Japanese maple:
The Japanese maple combines the beauty of coloured leaves with what looks like a dancing trunk, full of movement.

Another stunning blue and purple-flowered tree, the jacaranda grows in many different areas around the world, from Asia to North America.

Eucalyptus deglupta:
Eucalyptus deglupta, or rainbow eucalyptus, is a stunning tree with a bark featuring a kaleidoscope of reds, greens, blues, and oranges. 

Angel Oak:
South Carolina’s Angel Oak is famous around the world, with good reason. It’s a Southern live oak located on Johns Island, near Charleston.

Cherry blossom:
Cherry blossoms are a fantastic spring treat in many regions of the world, from Japan to the United States.

Dracaena cinnabari:
The Dracaena cinnabari is more commonly known as the Socotra dragon tree, as it is native to Socotra Island in Yemen.

Wanaka Tree:
“That Wanaka Tree” became famous because of social media and was recently the victim of vandalism when someone cut off one of its branches. 

Adansonia grandidieri:
The one we usually think of when we hear the name is the Grandidier’s baobab, or Adansonia grandidieri.