The worst animals to keep as pets

This common household bird is often considered annoying with its constant squawking and screeching, and it can also be quite mean.

Bats should never be kept in captivity, as flying free in the wild is necessary to their health and well-being. 

Raccoons often act out and bite when unhappy or hormonal. They can also be destructive, and may urinate on your belongings.

Taking care of a primate can often feel like taking care of a small child, but the reality is that they are wild animals.

Hermit crab
If you keep this popular marine animal as a household pet, you may be unknowingly condemning it to a life of misery.

The Emperor scorpion is the most popular pet scorpion as it tends to be docile, and its sting is comparable to that of a wasp. 

Long-tailed chinchilla
Chinchillas are soft and adorable, but they are highly social creatures and need a lot of attention. 

Leopard cat
It is said that this cat is still too wild to tolerate domestic life. It also needs to be able to hunt and does not take well to store-bought cat food.

The green iguana can be a drain on your bank account, as they require a lot of space, special temperature regulation, and a specific diet.

Eurasian elk
Also known as a moose, this animal is highly aggressive. Additionally, it requires a massive amount of space.

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