The worst epidemics ever to hit the US

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United States Second measles outbreak: (1981-1991) - The viral airborne disease claimed between 2,000 and 10,000.

United States Diphtheria: (1921-1925)At its peak in 1921, more than 206,000 people were infected.

New England Scarlet fever: (1858) This bacterial infection can occur after strep throa.

United States Polio: (1916-1955) The outbreak peaked in 1952 when it killed 3,145 of the 57,628.

New York City Cholera: (1832-1866) During this time period, the US—particularly New York City.

Milwaukee Cryptosporidium: (1993) - One of the state’s two water treatment plants became contaminated. 

United States ‘Spanish flu: (1918)  Despite its name, the ‘Spanish flu.

New England: Smallpox: (1633-1634) Smallpox came to North America in the 1600s with the European settlers.

Philadelphia: Yellow fever: (1793) Once the nation’s capital and busiest port, Philadelphia.

New York ‘Typhoid Mary’: (1906-1907) The state was the stage for one of the worst typhoid.

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