The worst habits of every zodiac sign

Fire signs: Bold, daring, and brash, the fire signs certainly know how to keep things spicy, but they also have a tendency of burning too brightly, not to mention their hot tempers.

 Interrupting is another bad habit for Aries, who feels impassioned to speak as soon as the thought arrives in their mind. 

 Interestingly, Leos come off as the most confident of the signs, but their bad habits mostly involve insecurity and jealousy.

 On a personal level, Sagittarius can have a habit of saying what they don’t mean, which can lead to broken promises. 

Air signs:
Air signs are intellectual, curious, and deeply social, but they can be hard to pin down and establish deeper connections with.

Have the curse of feeling scattered and being distracted, so they’re often late or zoning out of conversations, they tend to also get bored quite easily, which can be difficult to be around.

Libras have a hard time saying no, so they’ll often take on too much just to avoid conflict. That can lead to a follow-up habit of flaking out on previous commitments.

 Their minds are always whirring with information, meaning they tend to stay up too late, forget to eat proper meals, and space out while people are talking.

Water signs:
Passionate, imaginative, and emotional, the water signs are intuitive and observant, but don’t often process their perceptions well.

To deal with their own heightened sensitivity, they love to spend a night in, but it can quickly turn into a bad habit of watching too much TV, or eating too many sweets.

Scorpios face a rather unlucky combination of having high expectations and fearing failure, which puts stress on their relationships.

Escaping into their dreamy worlds, Pisces have a tendency to get carried away when it comes to drinking, along with a tendency to procrastinate.

Earth signs:
While grounded, patient, and practical, earth signs are also notoriously stubborn, critical, and materialistic. 

This fear of change and rigidity of boundaries also means that Taurus feels the need to define relationships immediately, restricting them from growing or evolving.

They can also accidentally turn their own self-criticism onto others, nit-picking at people who aren’t performing tasks the way they’d do them.

The Capricorn is also the overthinker of the signs, who gets stuck in their head and has a hard time expressing their emotions.

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