These animals are associated with the devil

Snakes - Satan entered a snake for the purpose of deceiving Eve, and ever since the creatures have been associated with the devil as a symbol of evil power.

Owls -
Their mysterious nocturnal nature has long associated owls as the messengers of sorcerers. In Christian symbolism, the owl stands for the devil and is considered an evil omen.

Foxes -
While the the fox is depicted usually as a cunning trickster, the animal is rarely regarded as evil. But it can't be trusted.

Bulls -
In Greek mythology, the fearsome Minotaur was a monster of Crete that had the body of a man and the head of a bull.

Hyenas - In Europe during the Middle Ages, bestiary texts adopted the hyena as a symbol for the devil's dark deeds.

Blackbirds -
Despite being possessed of a melodic song, its mere color suggested to many that the blackbird was related to witches, mystics, and magic.

Frogs -
Frogs, like toads, are included in Satanism and black magic rituals. In the Book of Revelation, frogs are depicted as "unclean spirits of demons" (Rev. 16: 13-14).

Roosters -
It's said that when a rooster crows at night, the annoying shriek symbolizes death or imminent danger.

Maggots -
Generally considered to be a sign of decay and death, maggots also represent corruption of the soul, mortality, and evil.

Cockroaches -
In some cultures, the devil is believed to take the form of a cockroach.

Pale horses -
While not a manifestation of evil as such, a pale horse as a representation of Death appears in the Bible and associated literature.

Dogs -
Far from being man's best friend, the dog has been associated with the devil's pets—an animal linked with death.

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