These celebrities have the same name

Michelle Williams - The Emmy-winning actress shares her name with a famous singer...

Michelle Williams - Do you remember this singer from Destiny's Child?

Kate Hudson - Luckily the actress reached stardom before another well-known celebrity arrived on the scene...

Katy Hudson/Katy Perry - The pop star's name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. In fact, her Christian rock debut album is called 'Katy Hudson' (2001).

Chris Evans - The star of the franchises 'Captain America' and 'The Avengers' is also not the only famous Chris Evans...

Chris Evans - This presenter and producer is extremely popular in the UK. He starred in the TV program 'The Big Breakfast.'

Mandy Moore - The actress and singer, star of the popular series 'This Is Us,' also has a name twin.

Mandy Moore - The American choreographer is known for her work on 'So You Think You Can Dance.' Moore has been nominated for the Emmys five times, and won in 2018.

Bonus: Anne Hathaway - The Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress in 'Les Misérables' has a namesake from centuries ago...

Bonus: Anne Hathaway -
Believe it or not, William Shakespeare's wife, who's leaning on his shoulder in this picture, was called Anne Hathaway! The actress is reportedly named after her. 

Randy Jackson - Everyone knows the famous producer and 'American Idol' judge.

Randy Jackson - The singer was part of The Jackson 5. He was known as Little Randy. You may also recall him singing with his sister Janet in 'Love is Strange.'

Rob Thomas - The singer is famous for being lead singer of the band Matchbox Twenty. However he's not the only one out there!

Rob Thomas - The producer and screenwriter is behind popular series such as 'Veronica Mars,' 'Cupid,' and 'Dawson's Creek.'

Adam Scott - The 'Parks and Recreation' actor actually shares his name with a sports personality.

Adam Scott - This Australian golfer who won the Masters Tournament in 2013.

Brian Wilson - The Beach Boys front man also has the same name as a famous sportsman.

Brian Wilson -
The American baseball player is famous for his iconic beard. Supposedly he turned down an offer of US$1 million dollars to shave it.

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