These celebrities now have regular jobs

Jennifer Stone -
Jennifer Stone, who played Harper on Disney's 'Wizards of Waverly Place,' is now a registered nurse.

Tom Selleck -
Though he's still starring on 'Blue Bloods,' the actor now manages a huge avocado farm.

Dylan Sprouse -
While his twin brother, Cole, has maintained his career in the spotlight with his recent role on 'Riverdale,' Dylan Sprouse opened a mead brewery in Brooklyn.

MC Hammer -
After coming out of bankruptcy, MC Hammer reinvented himself away from the spotlight. He's now an investor and consultant in the tech industry.

Vanilla Ice -
Best known for his '90s hit 'Ice Ice Baby,' Vanilla Ice got involved in the real estate industry, working as a house flipper.

Nikki Blonsky -
Famous for her role in the movie 'Hairspray' (2007), the Golden Globe nominee began working part-time as a hairstylist and makeup artist. However, she still acts.

Tony Danza -
Tony Danza is best known as the protagonist of the TV shows 'Who's the Boss?' and 'Taxi.' And while he still acts, he now often hosts shows at a number of bars.

Freddie Prinze Jr. -
The actor, who's married to Gellar, currently lends his voice to animated shows and writes cookbooks.

Mara Wilson -
One of the most beloved child stars of the '90s, Mara Wilson played the titular character in 'Matilda' (1996). She's now a writer.

Karyn Parsons -
Karyn Parsons, of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' fame, now runs the Sweet Blackberry Foundation, which aims to tell the stories of lesser-known African-American heroes to children.

Frankie Muniz -
Who doesn't remember Frankie Muniz from the TV show 'Malcolm in the Middle' and movies like 'Agent Cody Banks' (2003)? Well, now he's a racing driver!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas -
The young actor participated in a number of Disney productions in the '90s. Today, however, while acting is still part of his life, Thomas is now a writer.

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