Eat these foods for a better night’s sleep

Research from Columbia University suggests that eating kiwifruit could have a positive effect on a person’s sleep quality.

The subtle taste of strawberries is undeniably enticing. 

When you’re cooking dinner, there are plenty of ingredients that will give you a healthy dose of melatonin. 

The next time you’re making a garden salad, be sure to include a healthy portion of tomatoes. 

Edamame beans
Call them soybeans or edamame— it doesn’t matter! A bean by any other name would taste as good. 

Pistachio nuts
 these treats are rich in healthy fats, but their healthful properties don’t end there.

These vegetables are relatively high in melatonin, according to the Nutrients Journal research.

 Research from the University of Pennsylvania found that children who eat fish once a week had better sleep and higher IQs than those who don’t eat the food regularly. 

Balsamic vinegar
When you’re struggling to fall asleep, eating melatonin-rich foods may be your secret weapon.

If you’re not a huge fan of pistachio nuts, never fear! There’s another fine snacking option that you may want to consider. 

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