These mystical celebrities believe in the occult

Lana Del Rey -
Lana Del Rey has always been outspoken about her witchy ways. Most famously, the singer was said to have put a hex on former president Donald Trump.

Azealia Banks -
Controversial singer Azealia Banks has acknowledged on several occasions that she practices brujería, a form of witchcraft.

Lorde -
Lorde once stated in an interview that she's "basically a witch," and often dabbles in the occult. The fearless singer also said she's never been nervous around ghosts or spirits.

Adele -
Adele found a way to get over her once-famous stage fright using time-tested witchy tactics. The singer now uses healing crystals in preparation for show time.

Björk -
Icelandic singer Björk has been involved in the occult since she was a teenager. Many of her songs deal with subjects like witchcraft and spirituality.

Grimes -
Grimes has always been open about her involvement in witchcraft, and in her early days her music even fell under the genre of "witchhouse."

Sam Smith -
Sam Smith has talked openly about their use of crystals and witchcraft during the creative process. They have frequently shown off their impressive gem collection on social media.

Jennifer Lopez -
There's not much we know for certain, but rumors have been swirling for years around Jennifer Lopez's connection to Santeria witchcraft.

Katy Perry -
Like many other stars on this list, Katy Perry relies on crystals and crystal healing in her day-to-day life. She also famously used rose quartz to attract true love.

Naomi Campbell -
Supermodel Naomi Campbell relies on crystals for protection whenever she travels. Campbell once said in an interview that she never travels without them.

Evan Rachel Wood -
Actress Evan Rachel Wood has relied on the occult for protection for years. She has been known to use sage to expel demonic energy, and uses crystals for added safety.

Gisele Bündchen -
Supermodel Gisele Bündchen shared that she regularly sets up ritual altars around her house. She even performed rituals for her ex-husband Tom Brady's football games.

Christina Aguilera -
Christina Aguilera's direct association with the occult is murky at best, but it wouldn't be surprising, considering she is the self-proclaimed "Queen of Halloween."

Gabrielle Anwar -
TV star Gabrielle Anwar openly identifies as a Pagan. Anwar has also tied her spiritual Pagan beliefs into her progressive views on marriage and feminism.

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