These plants and flowers can kill you

Dracula’s flower
this sinister-sounding plant emits a very unpleasant odor—a warning in itself! The whole plant is toxic and touching it may result in skin irritation.

Water hemlock
Also known as cicuta, anyone unfortunate enough to ingest any part of this highly toxic plant will suffer violent seizures, which may lead to death.

Tobacco plant
This is arguably the world's deadliest plant. Its leaves contain the toxic alkaloids nicotine and anabasine. 

Poison hemlock
Socrates's assassins were said to have used poison containing deadly coniine and pyridine-type alkaloids drawn from the plant, to murder the great philosopher.

The crab’s eye
The seeds of this plant contain deadly abrin, an extremely toxic toxalbumin. If chewed and ingested, one seed alone can be fatal.

Nerium oleander
Another stunning flower with the ability to cause serious harm. Ingested, a single leaf is a enough to kill a human.

Deadly nightshade
he sweetness of its berries has led children and even adults to snack on this lethal plant, a mistake that can lead to frightening symptoms of paralysis.

A beautiful plant, but looks really can kill! Nicknamed the "queen of poisons," toxins extracted from aconitum can cause death within two to six hours of fatal poisoning.

Round-leaved sundew
A carnivorous plant that snacks on insects that are attracted to the glistening drops of sweet mucilage covering its leaves.

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