Things forbidden by the Bible that you do anyway

Men cutting their hair and shaving: It turns out men shouldn’t shave their beards, nor cut their hair.

Two in one: Cross-breeding animals, planting two seeds in the same field, and mixing two types of fabric.

Two in one: Deuteronomy 22:9-11 also mentions this, and goes into specific animals and fabrics.

Artificial sweetener (xylitol): Xylitol is a sugar alternative found in human foods such as candy.

Self-love: While having sex with our spouse is fine, doing so on our own is not advocated by the Bible.

Eating pork: Not great news for bacon lovers, but the Bible is pretty explicit when it comes to consuming pork. 

Seafood: And if you thought you would be laughing at pork-eaters while you indulge in lobster and shrimp.

Eating snails: Eating snails is not for everyone, but it’s part of many countries’ culinary traditions.

Hanging out with people who drink or eat too much: Sure, many of us like to eat and have a drink or two, and so did people in biblical times.

Swearing: The Bible stresses that we should pay attention to the words we profess.

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