Things humans do that dogs hate

Bathing them too often -
In general, dogs aren't very fond of baths, especially if bath time is often. At a minimum, bathe your dog at least once every three months.

Not letting them catch a toy -
If you're playing catch with your dog, but don't actually let them catch the toy, then you're creating a lot of anxiety.

Ignoring them when you come home - Your dog has been alone all day and misses you. Even if you're tired, give your dog some attention—they need it.

Leaving them alone -
A lot of dogs hate being left alone all day. This can cause a lot of stress, so if you have a busy schedule, consider hiring someone who can be with them.

Having their paw pads touched -
These pads are the thick, rubbery part of the dog's paw. It's a super sensitive area for them, so touching them can be uncomfortable.

Focusing on their head -
While you might think it's a sign of affection, don't tap your dog on the head. This form of interaction brings about uncomfortable feelings in dogs.

Treating them like babies -
Treating your dog like a baby is incredibly irritating.

Petting them when they're afraid -
You should never pet a dog when they're afraid. The best approach is letting them be alone, but with you nearby.

Staring into their eyes -
Having sustained eye contact isn’t the bonding experience you think it is. It can make them feel intimated, confused, and super uncomfortable.

Going for a quick walk -
Sure, we're all busy, and sometimes we feel super lazy. But that's not your dog's fault. They deserve a proper walk.

When you're tense or in a bad mood - When you're tense or in a bad mood, your dog often acts as a mirror and feels the same way.

Talking to them in "their language" -
Constantly woofing and barking at your pup can be terrifying for them. Especially if you're getting louder and louder. 

Loud environments -
From loud voices to vacuum cleaners and fireworks, everything loud will truly frighten and disturb your dog.

Having their nails trimmed -
Some dogs will tolerate having their nails trimmed, but most dogs really don’t like it.

Smooching their snout -
While kissing is a sign of affection for humans, planting a giant smooch on a dog's snout and forehead can cause problems.

Waking them up -
No one likes being woken up, including your doggo. As they age, they can sleep more heavily and react poorly if woken up abruptly.

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